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Organisms and Genomes
Genes and Proteins
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Organisms and Genomes

Human | Vertebrates | Mitochondria and Chloroplasts | Invertebrates | Insects | Plants| yeast and fungi | Bacteria | Archaeobacteria | Virus

- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
GENATLAS - Human genes atlas
GeneClinics - Medical genetics knowledge base
GDB - Genome Data Base
GeneCards - Database integrating information on human genes
TIGR HGI - TIGR Human Gene Index
Hs UniGene - Human transcripts in GenBank (EST clusters)
STACK - Sequence Tag Alignment and Consensus Knowledgebase (Db of consensus human ESTs)
GenLink - Human genetics resource
- Human cDNA database
CGAP - Cancer Genome Anatomy Program
HMGD - Human Gene Mutation database
dbSNP - Human single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) database
UDB - Unified db for Human genome mapping


- Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals
MGI - Mouse Genome Informatics (includes MGD)
TIGR MGI - TIGR Mouse Gene Index
Mm UniGene - Mouse transcripts in GenBank (EST clusters)
RatMAP - Rat genome database
TIGR RGI - TIGR Rat Gene Index
Rn Unigene - Rat transcripts in GenBank (EST clusters)
BovBASE - Bovine genome database
BOVMAP - Bovine genome database
Ark-Cat - Cat genome database
HorseBASE - Horse genome database
DGP - Dog Genome Project
PiGBASE - Pig genome database
SheepBASE - Sheep genome database
MIS - Mendelian Inheritance in Sheep
ChickGBASE - Chicken genome database
Fugu - HGMP Resource Centre Fugu Project (Fugu rubripes)
Medakafish - Mekada fish (Oryzias latipes) server
Ark-Tilapia - Tilapia mossambica genome database
The fish net - Zebrafish server
FishBase - Global information system on fishes

Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

- Organelle Genome Database
MitoDat - Mendelian Inheritance and the Mitochondrion database
MITOMAP - Human mitochondrial genome database
MmtDB - Metazoa mitochondrial DNA variants database
MitBASE - Integrated mitochondrial DNA database
MitBASE-Pilot - Db of S.cerevisiae nuclear genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis
HvrBase - Primates mtDNA control region sequences compilation


Drosophila SWISS-PROT list
- Links to Drosophila SWISS-PROT entries
FlyBase - Drosophila genetic and molecular database
FlyView - Drosophila image database
GIFTS - Gene Interactions in the Fly Trans-World Server
FlyNets - database of molecular interactions in Drosophila melanogaster
SOS-DGBD - database of Drosophila DNA sequences annotated with regulatory binding sites
Mosquito Genomics


C.elegans WWW server
- at University of Texas Southwestern
ACeDb - Caenorhabditis elegans database
C.elegans Mitochondrial Directory - Data on C.elegans genes for mitochondrial proteins
C.elegans EST - C.elegans EST database from Japan (Yuji Kohara's group)
C.elegans SWISS-PROT list - Links to C.elegans SWISS-PROT entries
WormPep - C.elegans proteins database
WormPD - C.elegans protein database
DictyDb - Dictyostelium discoideum database
Dicty_cDB - Dictyostelium discoideum cDNA project
Dictyostelium discoideum genome project
Cone shells Web site
LGN - Leishmania Genome Network
MAD - Malaria Antigen database
Malaria - WHO - Malaria database
P.falciparum Sanger - P.falciparum genome project at Sanger
P.falciparum - Plasmodium falciparum Gene Sequence Tag project
Trypanosoma brucei genome project
kDNA - Kinetoplast Minicircle Sequence database


NAL - AGIS - Access to many plant genome databases at the National Agricultural Library
Demeter's genomes - Access to many plant genome databases at the USDA-ARS
Mendel - Plant gene nomenclature database from CPGN
TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource
TIGR AtGI - TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana Gene Index
BeanGenes - Beans genome database
BeanRef - Beans genome database and other resources
ChlamyDB - Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genome database
CottonDB - Cotton genome database
MaizeDb - Maize genome database
INRA Maize - INRA Maize genome database
Piusm sativum (pea) web site
RGP - Rice Genome Research Program
TIGR GmGI - TIGR Soybean Gene Index
TIGR OsGI - TIGR Rice Gene Index
Snapdragon (A.majus) web site
SorghumDB - Sorghum genome database
SoyBase - Soybean genome database
SoyBase metabolic db - Metabolic subset of the soybean genome database
TIGR LeGI - TIGR Tomato Gene Index
Dendrome - Forest trees genome database

Fungi and Yeast


>> Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SGD - Saccharomyces Genome Database
YPD - Yeast Protein Database
MitBASE-Pilot - Database of S.cerevisiae nuclear genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis
Yeast snoRNA - Yeast small nucleolar RNAs database
YTPdb - Yeast Transport Protein database

>> S. Pombe
S.pombe NIH - Fission yeast (S.pombe) server at the NIH

>> Candida albicans
Candida albicans - Candida albicans server at the Univ. of Minnesota

Aspergillus web site
NGP - Neurospora genome project
Phycomyces Web site - Resource site for scientists working on Phycomyces
FGSC - Fungal Genetics Stock Center
FGR - Fungal Genome Resource


- World Data Center for Microorganisms
List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature
MDB - TIGR Microbial database
HOBACGEN - Homologous Bacterial Genes
Comparison of the transport capabilities of bacterial genomes - from Ian Paulsen
EcoWeb / EcoGene - Very comprehensive E.coli database
ECDC - E.coli database collection
EcoCyc - Encyclopedia of E.coli genes and metabolism
GenProtEC - E.coli genome and proteome database
Colibri - E.coli genome database from Pasteur Insitute
ECGC - E.coli Genome Center at Wisconsin University
DDBJ E.coli - E.coli home page at DDBJ
B.subtilis SWISS-PROT list - Links to B.subtilis WWW sites and to SWISS-PROT entries
SubtiList - Bacillus subtilis genomic database
NRSub - Bacillus subtilis non-redundant database
Micado - Microbial advanced database (B.subtilis + E.coli)
BSORF - Japanese server on B.subtilis
A.actinomycetemcomitans - Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans strain HK1651 genome project
B.stearothermophilus - Bacillus stearothermophilus strain 10 genome project
B.pertussis - Bordetella pertussis genome WWW site
BbDB - TIGR Borrelia burgdorferi genome database
Chlamydia - Chlamydia pneumoniae and trachomatis
C.acetobutylicum - GTC Clostridium acetobutylicum data
C.jejuni - Campylobacter jejuni genome WWW site
DrDB - TIGR Deinococcus radiodurans genome database
F.tularensis - Francisella tularensis genome WWW site
HiDB - TIGR H.influenzae genome database
HIDC - H.influenzae database collection
HpDB - TIGR Helicobacter pylori strain 26695 genome database
H.pylori J99 - Astra Helicobacter pylori strain J99 genome database
MycDB - Mycobacterium database
M.leprae - GTC Mycobacterium leprae data
M.tuberculosis at GTC - GTC Mycobacterium tuberculosis data
TubercuList - Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain H37Rv genome database
MtDB - TIGR Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain Oshkosh genome database
M.tuberculosis at Sanger - Sanger Centre M.tuberculosis H37Rv genome project
MgDB - TIGR Mycoplasma genitalium genome database
M.pneumoniae - Mycoplasma pneumoniae genome project
N.gonorrhoeae - Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain FA 1090 genome project
P.aeruginosa - Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome project
Rhizobium pNGR234a analysis
RsGDB - Rhodobacter sphaeroides genome database
R.prowazekii - Rickettsia prowazekii strain Madrid E genome project
S.meliloti - Sinorhizobium meliloti genome project
S.aureus - Staphylococcus aureus strain NCTC 8325 genome project
S.mutans - Streptococcus mutans strain UAB159 genome project
S.pyogenes - Streptococcus pyogenes strain M1 genome project
CyanoBase - Synechocystis PCC 6803 database
TmDB - TIGR Thermotoga maritima genome database
TpDB - TIGR Treponema pallidum genome database
X.fastidosa - Xylella fastidosa genome WWW site
Y.pestis - Yersinia pestis genome WWW site


- Aeropyrum pernix K1 genome database
AfDB - TIGR Archaeoglobus fulgidus genome database
MjDB - TIGR Methanococcus jannaschii genome database
MjFdb - Methanococcus jannaschii functions database
M.thermoautotrophicum - Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum genome database
OT3 - Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3 database
P.abyssi - Pyrococcus abyssi genome project and database
SGP - Sulfolobus acidocaldarius genome project


All the virology on the WWW
- links to virology WWW servers by David M. Sander
ICTVdB - Universal virus taxonomy database
AVIS - Animal Virus Information System
Plants Viruses Online - Information on plant viruses
HIV - HIV and related species database
HPV - HPV (papillomaviruses) database
Influenza sequence database
Picornavirus - Picornavirus home page and access to database
GOLD - Genomes On-line database
DOGS - Database of genome sizes

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