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DNA and RNA Databases

Genbank - GenBank Nucleotide Sequence database (NCBI)

EMBL - EMBL Nucleotide sequence database

GOLD - Genome OnLine Database

DDBJ - DNA Data Bank of Japan

GSDB - Genome Sequence database

dbEST - dbEST (Expressed Sequence Tags) database (NCBI)

dbSTS - dbSTS (Sequence Tagged Sites) database (NCBI)

NDB - Nucleic Acid Databank (3D structures)

BNASDB - Nucleic acid structure database from University of Pune

AsDb - Aberrant Splicing database

ACUTS - Ancient conserved untranslated DNA sequences database

Codon Usage Database

EPD - Eukaryotic Promoter database

HOVERGEN - Homologous Vertebrate Genes database

IMGT - ImMunoGeneTics database

ISIS - Intron Sequence and Information System

RDP - Ribosomal database Project

gRNAs - Guide RNA database

PLACE - Plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements database

PlantCARE - Plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements database

sRNA db - Small RNA database

ssu rRNA - Small ribosomal subunit database

lsu rRNA - Large ribosomal subunit database

5S rRNA - 5S ribosomal RNA database

tmRNA Website

tmRDB - tmRNA database

tRNA - tRNA compilation from the University of Bayreuth

uRNADB - uRNA database

RNA editing - RNA editing site

RNAmod db - RNA modification database

dbSNP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms database

SOS-DGBD - Drosophila DNA sequences annotated with regulatory binding sites

TelDB - Multimedia Telomere Resource

TRADAT - TRAnscription Databases and Analysis Tools

Viroids compilation - Small circular RNAs db (viroid and viroid-like) MPDB - Molecular probe database

OPD - Oligonucleotide probe database
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