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Analysis of Genes and Coding Regions

GeneMark - A family of gene prediction programs provided by Mark Borodovsky's Bioinformatics Group at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Unigene - UniGene is an experimental system for automatically partitioning GenBank sequences into a non-redundant set of gene-oriented clusters.

LocusLink - LocusLink provides a single query interface to curated sequence and descriptive information about genetic loci. It presents information on official nomenclature, aliases, sequence accessions, phenotypes, EC numbers, MIM numbers, UniGene clusters, homology, map locations, and related web sites.

ORF Finder at NCBI - The ORF Finder (Open Reading Frame Finder) is a graphical analysis tool which finds all open reading frames of a selectable minimum size in a user's sequence or in a sequence already in the database.

SRS - Sequence Retrieval System. Network Browser for Databanks in Molecular Biology

DeCypher - Bioinformatics Supercomputer. The TimeLogic DeCypher system dramatically accelerates computationally intensive bioinformatics algorithms—including BLAST, Smith-Waterman, and HMM analysis. Its amazing calculation speed is achieved through a combination of innovative hardware and software engineering.
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