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Palm Programs

by Chris Schleiermacher - Lookup program for biology tables: Nucleotides, Amino Acids, Standard Genetic Code, etc.

Gene by Yoshimitsu Kanai - Gene is a database viewer for molecular biologists.

OligoCalc 1.04 by Dmitry Mozzherin - For molecular biologists who deal with oligonucleotide synthesis and purification.

kevCount by Steve Haddock - A six-channel counter with customizable labels for each category

Timerz - timer program for Palm handhelds. It provides four timers which operate similar to a kitchen timer - set a time and an alarm goes off when the timer counts down to 0:00. The alarm sound is selectable and each of the timers can display a different message.

Buffer Substances - Thermodynamic acid dissociation constants of prospective buffer substances (JFile DB) & Universal Buffer Solution (text). Contains a JFile DB with the pKa of (mostly) organic buffer substances, indicating the respective dissociation step and the d(pKa)/dT coefficient where available. (JFile required).

Database of Useful Physical Constants - Database of useful physical constants for use in science and math on your Palm!

Fundamental Constants 0.1a - Fundamental Constants is a TealInfo folio that contains the values and uncertainties for many fundamental constants.

Periodic Table for Palm OS by Stand Alone, Inc. - Put all of the elements in the palm of your hand!

Conversions by Darrell Stokes - Database of unit conversions.

Convert-It! by dpw Designs - The premier unit converter for the Palm OS® powered handhelds. Convert-It features 41 measurement categories, nearly 500 conversion factors and an easy to use interface.

kcal-kJ by ChemPilot - Converts between Calories and kilojoules

TempConv by ChemPilot - Easy to use temperature convertor (Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin)

unitConv by Palmadd Software - Easy to use graffiti-free unit converter. ZDNet' editors' pick!

iGraph by Justin Manus - iGraph is an interactive graphing program designed for handheld computers

CplxCal v.3.30 - First complex calculator for the palm platform

Molecular Weight Calculator 3.0 by David Walthall - Calculate the mass of a molecular formula.

powerOne Scientific v2 [PalmOS/Windows Install] by Infinity Softworks, Inc. - Versatile, full featured scientific calculator for students and professionals.

powerOne Graph v4 [PalmOS/Windows Install] by Infinity Softworks, Inc. - The most powerful graphing-scientific calculator for math and science that rivals TI-83, HP48
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